[ACCIDENT] A Ruptured Fuel Line Caused This C3 Corvette’s Engine Fire


[ACCIDENT] A Ruptured Fuel Line Caused This C3 Corvette's Engine Fire

Photo Credit: kpax.com

We’re not sure how much difference it would have made, but a fire extinguisher still might be a handy tool to keep nearby whenever you have a classic car.

Take the case of this 1978 or 1979 red Corvette, whose owner on Jeffery Lane in Lolo, Montana had installed a new engine last year. When he went to fire up the motor Sunday for the first time this year, a fuel line apparently ruptured and the Corvette burst into flames, according to the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office.

Fortunately, the owner was able to push the flaming car out of his garage, saving his home from damage.

Firefighters answered the call at 2:12 p.m. and stayed on the scene for a couple of hours.

Unfortunately, their efforts weren’t enough to save the Corvette, which suffered extensive damage to about two-thirds of the vehicle. The surviving rear bumper with its Corvette emblem might make a good conversation piece, however.


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