[VIDEO] 30 Years of Callaway Corvettes: 1991 Callaway B2K Twin Turbo 100 Plus Car


[VIDEO] 30 Years of Callaway Corvettes: 1991 Callaway B2K Twin Turbo 100 Plus Car

The National Corvette Museum has the 4th episode up in their “30 years of Callaway Corvettes” video series. In this episode, Callaway Cars program manager Chris Chessnoe shows off what many call the “Mini-Sledge”, this 1991 Callaway B2K Twin Turbo 100 Plus Car with Callaway’s aero kit.

So what is a 100 plus car? Callaway’s 100 plus package was exactly that, an optional package adding over 100 horsepower to take your Callaway B2K to the next level. The 100 Plus package included an intake manifold whose design goes back to the sledgehammer. Other work included cylinder heads, camshaft and fuel delivery modifications as well as specific calibration for the added horsepower.

The Callaway B2K 100 Plus Car in this video makes 525 horsepower compared with the “standard” 403 horsepower from the Callaway B2K Package. Chris says that only a half-dozen 100 Plus Cars were delivered between 1988 and 1991 so they are pretty special.

The car is also unique in that its part of the 500 series, the group of Callaway B2K Corvettes that were built after the completion of the 500th Callaway B2K Corvette in September 1991.

This 1991 Callaway B2K 100 Plus Car can currently be seen at the National Corvette Museum’s Callaway 30th Anniversary Celebration. The NCM is currently hosting fifteen special Callaway Corvettes through May 2017.

Here is Callaway’s Program Manager Chris Chessnoe at the NCM:

This is the fourth video in the Callaway Anniversary series. You can see the previous videos here:

National Corvette Museum / YouTube

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