[VIDEO] 30 Years of Callaway Corvettes: 1991 Callaway Speedster


[VIDEO] 30 Years of Callaway Corvettes: 1991 Callaway Speedster

The Callaway Speedster was a new model introduced in 1991 and it would be the swan song of the official B2K RPO offered through GM. The open cockpit model was designed by Paul Deutschman and featured a distinctive low cut glass windshield that surrounds the driver and the entire cockpit.

A total of ten Series 1 Speedsters were built, and each was custom tailored to the owners color choices. This 1991 Callaway Speedster is number 10 and was ordered as a 50th birthday gift to the late Chip Miller of Corvettes at Carlisle.

The 1991 Speedster can currently be seen at the National Corvette Museum’s Callaway 30th Anniversary Celebration.The NCM is currently hosting fifteen special Callaway Corvettes through May 2017.

Check out this walk around of the 1991 Speedster from Callaway’s Program Manager Chris Chessnoe:

This is the third video in the Callaway Anniversary series. You can see the previous videos here:

National Corvette Museum / YouTube

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