[VIDEO] Corvette Restomods Welcome as NCRS Tests Appearance Judging


[VIDEO] Corvette Restomods Welcome as NCRS Tests Appearance Judging

Every organization wants to broaden the tent to include more people and that goes for some of the Corvette clubs that we belong to. The National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) has embarked on one of the organizations biggest changes in a long time, the inclusion of non-original Corvettes to the judging process.

NCRS Flight Judging is the comparison of your Corvette to the standard of how your Corvette was equipped when it rolled off the assembly line. Points are deducted based on the non-originality of the car as it deviates from the standard. The amount of points that your Corvette retains is used to determine the level of originality, with Top Flight being the goal.

But as the NCRS readily admits, that same exacting standard eliminates a lot of great looking Corvettes as well as the owners participation in NCRS events. To counter that and bring more people and cars into the organization, the NCRS is testing a new standard by judging these non-original cars based on appearance instead of original equipment.

[VIDEO] Corvette Restomods Welcome as NCRS Tests Appearance Judging

We spoke with the NCRS National Judging Chairman David Brigham at the NCRS Winter Regional last month in Lakeland, Florida to find out more how the program was going to work.

David tells us that the “NCRS is embarking on a new venture and this is the first time that we have judged cars that are not totally original. We are looking at appearance of the cars”.

Appearance judging is based on two divisions, Stock and Modified.

The criteria of when the hood, doors and trunk (on C1 Corvettes) are closed, if the body looks similar to the factory production cars, then it’s qualified for the stock division and just the body is judged, excluding wheels.

Seriously modified cars are included in the Modified division. Dave points to this 1964 Corvette Coupe with a ’63 Split Window and a ’67 big block stinger hood as the example for the modified class.

[VIDEO] Corvette Restomods Welcome as NCRS Tests Appearance Judging

Typical Flight Judging includes five categories – Functionality (Operations), Interior, Exterior, Mechanical and Chassis. The judging sheets have been modified to eliminate the columns for Originality and Condition and those have been replaced by a single “Appearance” column.

Dave says of the modified division that “the nicer it looks, the higher it scores, so it has to look nicer in this group than it did when it left the factory.”

The Lakeland Winter Regional was the first time Appearance Judging was held, and it was limited to just 1963-67 Corvettes. The test rounds will continue through to the NCRS National Meet later this year.

“Welcoming restored cars is consistent with the NCRS mission of encouraging the preservation of cars” Dave says. As the NCRS has seen just five percent of all Corvettes, they are hoping this will bring in more people and cars to the organization.

Check out the interview below with NCRS National Judging Chairman Dave Brigham to learn more about this exciting change with NCRS judging as well as see some of the Corvette restomods that participated in the first ever Appearance judging:

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