[VIDEO] We’re Digging this New Callaway SC757 Corvette Z06 Known as the 811 Car


[VIDEO] We're Digging this New Callaway SC757 Corvette Z06 Known as the 811 Car

About five years ago, Paul Teutul Jr. of “American Chopper” fame collaborated with One Call Concepts (OCC) to build a custom motorcycle called the “811 Bike” that would be used promote the message of calling 811 before digging.

As you may know, calling 811 will connect you with damage prevention experts and local utilities who can tell you if it’s safe to dig in select areas without hitting wires, pipelines, gas lines and other buried utilities.

Last weekend in Ocean City, MD., 811 Bike and Paul Jr. unveiled the latest campaign for the 811 “One Call Program” called the 811 Car, a specially customized Callaway Corvette SC757 Z06!

Matt Ruddo, Director of Customer Relations for One Call Concepts said, “It’s a unique way to get the message out about 811. The car will travel the country. The motorcycle that we built by Paul Jr. has been everywhere in the mainland – hasn’t been to Alaska and Hawaii yet, but it’s been around 50 states traveling for the last 5 years promoting ‘call before you dig’ and 811.”

The car was unveiled during the Miss Utility’s 2016 Greater Chesapeake Damage Prevention Training Conference which promotes safety while working on construction projects.

Paul Jr. drove the 811 Car into a tent with smoke and fireworks going off. Afterwards he commented on the new car:

“This is the first time I’m seeing the two (vehicles) together,” he said, “and it’s like a pair made in heaven. We’re very proud of it. This car was fast to begin with, but now it’s lights out fast!”

According to Teutul, some of the most intensive customization came with building the wheels as they had to ensure they could handle the 757 horsepower and 777 lb-ft torque generated from the Callaway.

“The wheels were done with a hammer and chisel, just like they would have done 1,000 years ago,” Teutul said. “The wheels took 400 hours to make because we wanted to make sure it had the strength to stand up to that type of horsepower.”

Here is the unveiling of the new Callaway SC757 Corvette Z06 known as the 811 Car:

811 Car / Facebook

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