[VIDEO] Very Loud Custom Corvette from MCACN is a Teenage Boys Dream


[VIDEO] Very Loud Custom Corvette from MCACN is a Teenage Boys Dream

Hitting my teenage years in the mid-1970s, my dream car was always the latest Corvette.

In those days, we couldn’t even begin to imagine the whopping 650 horsepower of the current seventh-generation Z06, so we were overjoyed with each change made in the body of the C3, small though they may have been in retrospect.

I remember thinking how great the 1975 Corvette looked in silver with its new one-piece rear bumper, even if it didn’t produce earthshaking power.

That’s why this heavily customized C3 Corvette, done in a nice shade of purplish blue, really caught my eye.

The car has it all – wheelie bars in the back, chrome side pipes, wild flames painted on the side- but it’s the sound of that chrome blown big block chugging along that really makes this one cool mid-1970s Corvette at the 2012 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals show in Chicago.

Wouldn’t this have been cool to drive onto my high school campus in 1977? Heck, it’s still wild in 2016!


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