[STOLEN] 1978 Corvette Recovered After Woodward Dream Cruise Theft is Missing Engine and Wheels


[STOLEN] 1978 Corvette Recovered After Woodward Dream Cruise Theft is Missing Engine and Wheels

Good news has zoomed into Detroit for the Corvette owner whose pride and joy were stolen over the weekend during the Woodward Dream Cruise.

Kelly Robinson had bought her dark blue 1978 Corvette 17 years ago and planned on keeping it forever – that is, until some low life stole it as she was parked in a metered location at Rosie O’Grady’s while she and her family were in Ferndale for the Dream Cruise on Saturday.

“This was my car for 16 years. I bought this car when I was struggling in my early 20s and said I want a Corvette, I’m going to buy a Corvette. All my family has Corvettes, it’s my turn now,” Robinson told reporters.

The odds usually aren’t very good for the return of a stolen car, but fortunately in this case, a Good Samaritan had a different idea.

After seeing reports about the stolen car on the news, a person spotted the Corvette at Joy and Ward about 2 o’clock in the morning Monday. The hero quickly called authorities and stayed with the car until police arrived.

The good news is that the car will soon be returned to its rightful owner. The bad news is that she’ll have to replace the engine and wheels, which had been removed from the Corvette.

That’s still much better than the alternative, though. We offer a tip of the hat to the Good Samaritan who saved the day for Robinson and are overjoyed that she’ll be reunited with her dream car for what is hopefully a long and happy relationship.


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  1. I’m happy for her that only the engine and wheels/tires (I guess tires too) were stolen and the car wasn’t destroyed. If it was a matching number engine then that sucks. However (I don’t know how insurance handles this though) at least wheels and tires can be purchased that maybe the same or something else that is as nice or better. Also, a nice LS engine would be nice too. But it sucks that she was there to have a good time and there was someone who took advantage of the situation. Now she has to be without her car for a while. I hate scumbags and there seems to be too many of them.

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