[VIDEO] Daughter Restores 1960 Corvette in Honor of Her Late Father


[VIDEO] Daughter Restores 1960 Corvette in Honor of Her Late Father

Way back in 1974, Ron Fletcher’s 1960 black Corvette convertible broke down when he and his wife, Gerilyn, were on their way home from a trip to the East Coast.

They managed to get the car back to their garage, where Ron promptly dismantled the engine and put it in boxes.

He hoped to restore the car one day, but then health issues derailed those plans. He wound up passing away eight years ago.

His daughter, Jamie, says she never knew her father as a healthy young man, but she did know that he had a soft spot in his heart for that Corvette.

To pay tribute to her dad, Jamie decided to put nearly her entire life savings into finishing the restoration job her father never was able to accomplish.

[VIDEO] Daughter Restores 1960 Corvette in Honor of Her Father

“Alright dad, I’ve lost my mind,” she told Fox11 News. “I’m going to do this. Let’s do this.”

The Corvette, lovingly restored over the past 18 months, made its public debut this weekend surrounded by approximately 100 other Corvettes in the parking lot of Wally’s Spot in Green Bay, Wisc., scene of the 8th annual Father’s Day car show.

“It was bringing the car back to life and like getting to know my father possibly for the first time in my life,” Jamie said, “really getting to know my dad.” Ron’s widow followed Jamie home recently when she picked up the car, and it brought back memories for her. “I’m watching that car,” Gerilyn said, “and I’m just seeing my husband sitting in that car tooling down the road ahead of me.”

Of course, what’s a Corvette without a special license plate on the back?

Appropriately enough, Jamie chose “WUZ DADZ” in memory of her father.

“My mother, she always said well you always say it was dad’s, because everyone would ask, well, where did you get the car? Where did you buy that? Well, it was dad’s,” Jamie said.

Ron’s nicely restored Corvette enjoyed a very successful debut over the special weekend appropriately enough devoted to fathers, racking up three first-place trophies from the judges.

“I know my dad’s up there smiling down,” Jamie said. “And he’ll be instructing me.”


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