Recapping the 24 Hours of Le Mans


Recapping the 24 Hours of Le Mans

Photo Credit: Charley Robertson

It’s been five days since the end of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and I think we all know what happened there with the ACO, Ford and Ferrari. And it’s not just Corvette fans saying that as you will see.

There has been much blow-back to the ACO and their so-called Balance of Performance updates as well as the shenanigans by Ford and Ferrari which include sandbagging races and the Le Mans test as well as poor sportsmanship at the end of the race. Is there enough outrage from the Le Mans BoP fiasco to enact changes in how the ACO/FIA as well as IMSA conducts its future Balance of Performance updates? We’ll have to wait to find out but I’m not holding my breath.

Here’s something Corvette Racing fans can be proud of. Throughout the week and during the race, knowing that our cars lacked the pace of the Fords and Ferrari, our Corvette Racing team acted and performed like the true professionals they are and we couldn’t ask for better ambassadors for the Corvette brand.

Now that the smoke has cleared and everybody is back at their respective homes, I wanted to offer this round up of 24 Hours of Le mans content featuring articles about the BoP fallout, Le Mans photos galleries and recaps from the drivers themselves.

BoP Fallout

Le Mans Photos Galleries

Driver Commentaries

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  1. There is no doubt that Ford and Ferrari were sandbagging throughout testing and qualifying, and had way more power than the Corvettes and the rest of the field. ACO officials had to have seen this(it was clear to any spectator) and waited to the last minute to make minor BoP adjustments. Minor boost & weight adjustment hardly affected Ferrari/Ford. A larger restrictor opening for Corvette was not available & could not even be [email protected] Le Mans! Doug (Fehan) did the best he could, but over adjustment probably caused Tommy’s crash. Through it all, the Corvette team acted like true gentlemen, never complaining about the injustice done to them. Ricky Taylor brought home the lone Corvette to a respectable finish. We can all be proud of Corvette Racing!

  2. Ken…that’s BS what you said that Ferrari was sandbagging, I guess you didn’t see the first 2 WEC races at Silverstone and Spa did you?…the pace showed by Ferrari was unmatchable by the other GT cars….Ford sacrificed the first races in both IMSA and in the WEC just to get the favorable BoP at LeMans, LeMans is the sole reason for building the GT’s. Ferrari was hardly guilty of sandbagging like you think they did. If the Vettes had the pace up to Ferrari and Ford you can damn bet they would have done so as well. If you’ll notice Ferrari is the one car that’s right up there fighting for the win each year regardless of who is fastest in a given year. Like last year, the #51 Ferrari ran down and passed the Vette after their last stop of the race at LeMans, only for the #51 got some track debris jammed up in their gearbox requiring a 36 minute fix that ALLOWED the Vette to cruise by for the win, 2015 was a lucky as hell win for the Vette. I’ve watched or went to the last 30 LeMans races and never have I witnessed a luckier Vette win than in 2015. As far as Daytona and Sebring in IMSA, those wins were because no other car was up to their potential. Ferrari finished off the podium, the Ferrari was so hampered by their lack of performance that their acceleration and top speed were nowhere near that of the Vettes. The Ferrari is a great car in the 488 as we saw at LeMans, every car gets hit with bad BoP sooner or later….this year at LeMans was the Vettes turn to get shafted…

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