Quadriplegic Racer Sam Schmidt Hits 152 MPH in a Semi-Autonomous Corvette Z06


Quadriplegic Racer Sam Schmidt Hits 152 in a Semi-Autonomous Corvette Z06

From the outside, Sam Schmidt’s 2016 Corvette Z06 looks like a typical high-performance sports car.

But underneath that skin, the car continues to serve as an inspiration for handicapped individuals everywhere.

You see, Schmidt was left as a quadriplegic since a testing accident in 2000 but he never gave up the dream of driving fast again.

Thanks to the amazing work of engineers for the Arrow company, Schmidt has indeed been able to drive fast again with just the use of his head.

His latest efforts on the track came earlier this week at Indianapolis Motor Speedway as he drove the semi-autonomous Corvette to 152 mph, smashing his old record of 107 mph set in 2014 in a Stingray at the same track.

“It was a thrill to be back in control and hitting racing speeds on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway again,” Schmidt said. “The SAM project is a great example of what’s possible when the right people come together to innovate and push boundaries.”

Arrow’s engineers continue to improve the Corvette’s electronic steering, acceleration, and braking systems that are controlled through an updated headset that Schmidt wears.

Thanks to a new IoT (Internet of Things) platform, real-time adjustments to the car can be made by Schmidt and the Arrow team while it was on the track. “Arrow’s engineers incorporated insights learned from the previous model to build an advanced car design that incorporates cutting-edge Internet of Things technologies and live data-streaming, among other exciting improvements,” said Joe Verrengia, Arrow’s global director of corporate social responsibility, who oversees the company’s SAM project. “We hope the SAM car continues to inspire and drive technology innovation forward.”

Quadriplegic Racer Sam Schmidt Hits 152 in a Semi-Autonomous Corvette Z06


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