[VIDEO] World’s First Radio Controlled C6 Corvette Hits the Track


[VIDEO] World's First Radio Controlled C6 Corvette Hits the Track

Remember when we told you about the world’s first radio-controlled C6 Corvette a few months ago?

Well, the guy behind that wild creation have posted another video on YouTube that shows their black C6 doing doughnuts on the Raceway Venray track in The Netherlands.

Apparently, he has figured out a way to control the Corvette’s brakes, steering, shifting, and throttle by remote control.

Sounds crazy, huh?

Actually, though, if you think about it, little kids have remote control miniature Corvettes pretty much capable of the same thing. So why shouldn’t a real Corvette be able to be remotely controlled, too?

[VIDEO] World's First Radio Controlled C6 Corvette Hits the Track

It gets better, though.

One of the guys in the video even climbs into the passenger seat of the Corvette and takes a joy ride while it’s being controlled remotely.

As the graphics on the video say, “This is scary,” but they add, “But it went pretty good for a 1st try.”

While the video doesn’t really prove it, he does claim to have made the fastest lap ever in a remote control Corvette.

We’re not sure how ast one of the small-scale RC cars will go, so who are we to argue with their claims? We’re just impressed that they were able to control the car well enough to avoid hitting one of the walls – or the three guys standing on the track as the car headed toward them.

I think I want one for Christmas!


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