[VIDEO] Man Turns C6 Corvette into a Full Scale Remote Controlled Car


[VIDEO] Man Turns C6 Corvette into a Full Scale Remote Controlled Car

My three sons have always loved playing with remote control Corvettes, going back to the days of the C5, continuing through the C6 and C7.

The bigger the car, the better, they always told me.

Well, they are absolutely in love with the latest remote control Corvette I found them.

“Cool, dad!” was their first response.

A guy from parts unknown has posted a video on YouTube showing what he claims to be the first full-scale remote control C6 Corvette. And to think Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter said earlier this year that the Corvette would be the last car to go driverless – apparently he wasn’t counting on the private market to do the trick for him with a remote.

We assume it’s all for real, especially based on the video showing the driver’s door completely open at one point, with no one behind the wheel, and suddenly the car takes off.

Apparently this wizardry even amazes the guy at the controls. He runs toward the camera during the exhibition and screams with a look of satisfaction on his face: “It works!”

According to the video, the following can be remotely controlled on the C6: starting/shutting down, throttle, brake, shifter, and steering.

[VIDEO] Man Turns C6 Corvette into a Full Scale Remote Controlled Car

Mostly we see the Corvette slowly going in circles, forward and backward, though things do get headed up, literally, when the Corvette does a burnout and a doughnut, creating lots of smoke in the process.

No word on the video to explain how the remote is set up, nor who is responsible for designing it. The magician has to keep his trick a secret, huh? We’re curious to know if we’ve been hoodwinked, or if this is legitimate.

We’re sure there are a lot of nervous insurance companies out there if they happened to see this video. And if I ever get fortunate enough to own a Z06, I’m not so sure I’d feel very comfortable controlling it with a remote. What if it malfunctioned, took off suddenly and crashed into a wall?

Still, it’s definitely looks like a lot of fun – as long as it’s someone else’s Corvette!


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