[VIDEO] Transformed: Corvette ZR1 PC, Radio Controlled!


[VIDEO] Transformed: Corvette ZR1 PC, Radio Controlled!

The computer geek in me loved this video. The CorvetteBlogger in me made sure to share it with you! Watch how a remote controlled Corvette toy becomes a modded personal computer.

Starting out as yellow remote controlled Corvette, the car is gutted and a complete working PC motherboard and solid-state drive is installed. But the mod doesn’t stop there. The Corvette is transformed into the ZR1 Blue Devil complete with Le Mans Blue paint, working lights and a hood window that reveals a neon-lighted cooling fan.

Cool stuff for sure, but the builder saved the best part for last. The Corvette is still a working remote controlled car and a cruise around the parking lot confirms that this R/C Corvette is ready to roll.

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  1. Does anyone know why ,in 1981 only one corvette,was painted Bright Blue Mettalic code 24 ??

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