[VIDEO] Corvette Restoration Business is Schooled in the Classics


[VIDEO] Corvette Restoration Business is Schooled in the Classics

A classic building for a classic car.

That’s the combination an Iowa family has used in their business.

Todd Spain bought the old Delwood High School building in Elwood, Iowa years ago, the same place where he and business partner Kevin Wood attended classes.

Todd opened up Twin Oaks Classic Corvettes, and today he and his son Levi along with Wood specialize in the restoration of 1953-67 Corvettes.

They take great pride in their work and say it takes at least 2,000 man hours to bring one of the classic pieces of American automotive history back to their glory days.

Twin Oaks does all the body work, parts work, and painting right there in the old school. Some of the Corvettes waiting their turn to be rejuvenated are stored in the old basketball gym at the school.

On their website, Twin Oaks says they offer Complete Restorations, Engine Diagnostics, Paint and Body Work, Original Cars (Survivors), Assistance Buying or Selling, and Expert Tips and Helpful Hints.

“If it has to do with early Corvettes we have the solution that you are looking for!” the owners say. “If you have an original car of any make or era that you believe may be a candidate to conserve give us a call for a consultation. We are passionate about Survivors and we would love to help … with Survivor conservation and preservation. We work with clients to conserve original cars of any make or era.”

Twin Oaks was founded 26 years ago with the goal of producing the highest quality Corvettes in the world while maintaining an individual relationship with each of our clients.

“Today, we proudly partner with dedicated Corvette enthusiasts to make their visions a reality,” they say. “We believe that to be the best at something it takes a great deal of dedication and a relentless pursuit of perfection. That’s why at Twin Oaks we work on only 1953-67 Corvettes. This has allowed us to become highly specialized and to do nearly all aspects of the restoration process in house. It gives our clients a result that we guarantee to be the best in the industry.”

Fran Riley / KWQC-TV

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