Corvette Racing to Switch to E20 Fuel in 2016


Corvette Racing to Switch to E20 Fuel in 2016

Racing teams in IMSA’s GTLM class will have a new fuel blend available in 2016 as the North American racing league moves to provide similar fuel options to those used at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The new blend is E20 (20 percent ethanol, 80 percent gasoline) and it will join E10 and E85 cellulosic fuels already available to cars in GTLM.

IMSA President and COO Scott Atherton told, “We were approached by some manufacturers that expressed a desire to have E20 added as another fuel option. It doesn’t replace anything; it’s an incremental offer.”

“The motivation was to match up the same fuel characteristics in this championship as they use at Le Mans and in some cases the WEC,” said Atherton.

Corvette Racing has already confirmed that it will make the switch from E85 to E20 in 2016. The team has been using cellulosic E85 since it was approved for competition in 2008. Cellulosic E85 is 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline and is created primarily from waste wood and racing fuel.

Atherton says that all eight cars in GTLM ran E85 in 2015 and he hopes that some will continue to use the cellulosic E85 in 2016. “I hope there will be some that will continue with E85 because I think, for us, it’s our fuel of choice in terms of its connectivity to our green racing initiatives,” said Atherton.

Also confirming the use of E20 is Chip Ganassi Racing who will be racing the new Ford GTs. The new Ford GT cars will also be racing in the FIA World Endurance Championship and they will be using E20 there as well.


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