Chevrolet Flips the Switch on the 2016 Corvette Configurator


Chevrolet Flips the Switch on the 2016 Corvette Configurator

Chevrolet has recently updated their main website at and now offers info on the 2016 Corvette Stingray and Z06. Perhaps more importantly, the 2016 Corvette configurator is now online which allows potential buyers the opportunity to build and price a Corvette to their specifications.

The new website covers all the new options and packages available like the Twilight Blue, Spice Red and Jet Black Suede Design Packages and the limited Corvette Z06 C7.R Edition.

Kinda interesting about the Z06 C7.R Edition is that the pricing says “Check with your Dealer” which suggests that more than a few are selling their C7.R editions for greater than the official MSRP of $111,400.

Chevrolet Flips the Switch on the 2016 Corvette Configurator

The configurator is a lot of fun to play around with and I’ve probably built three to four different kinds of Corvettes over the last 24 hours. For fun, I built a base Corvette Stingray which came out priced at the bottom MSRP of $56,395 and then I built a totally loaded Corvette Z06 which priced out $120,310. In between those two are numbers is the Corvette of your dreams. How would you build yours?

Visit to build and price your dream Corvette today.

And once you’ve built that Corvette and are ready to talk ordering, we suggest visiting with one of our new Chevrolet dealers who can order your Corvette for you: Kerbeck Corvette, Mike Furman at Criswell Chevrolet, Sport Chevrolet and Purifoy Chevrolet. These four dealers not only support as sponsors, but they are also supporting Corvette owners by selling Corvettes at MSRP.


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