[STOLEN] 1996 Corvette Grand Sport Stolen in Suffolk England


[STOLEN] 1996 Corvette Grand Sport Stolen in Suffolk England

Twenty years ago, Chevrolet closed out the C4 Corvette generation with a special run of 1,000 Corvette Grand Sports – 810 Coupes and 190 Convertibles. These Admiral Blue Corvettes are very distinctive with the white full length body stripe, Black Wheels and Red Hash Marks on the fender and they are a fairly rare sighting today on the streets unless you go to one of the bigger national shows.

We imagine that spotting a 1996 Corvette Grand Sport in the U.K. is even rarer which makes this story about a stolen Corvette in England newsworthy to Corvette enthusiasts everywhere.

The Bury Free Press reported the theft of a 1996 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe sometime during the night of Wednesday, July 8th from Holywell Row village in Suffolk, England. The car was stolen from a driveway on Mildenhall Road.

At the time, the Grand Sport Coupe was wearing the license plate number ‘N81 LAT’.

Police are looking for leads in the case so if you’re in England and spot a 1996 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe roaming the streets, contact Brandon SNT on 101 with the reference MH/15/1339.

It’s too bad we don’t have VIN to put out as I suspect this car is going to be exported fairly quickly as its just too ‘hot’ for it to be driven around.


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  1. It shouldnt be hard to spot this in England, although I fear the car is on a ship headed for Dubai where no registration is required

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