[VIDEO] C2 Corvette Grand Sport Replica Preps for East African Rally


[VIDEO] C2 Corvette Grand Sport Replica Preps for East African Rally

Here’s something you don’t see every day – a Corvette Grand Sport (1960s variety) – sloshing its way along muddy roads in the wilds of Africa.

Cars like this are usually seen on a race track competing in motorsport, but this one has been modified by Tachyon Motorsport to be driven by Michiel Campagne and Mike van Thiel on Nov. 29 in Kenya during the East-African Safari Rally, which bills itself as “The World’s Greatest Rally.”

Those side exhausts on the Grand Sport sound just as great in the wilds of Africa as they do on any track in the United States, though. Indeed, the Corvette in this video seems to be enjoying its newfound life playing in the dirt as it roars past bushes lining the road and giant bales of hay lying in fields.

By the end of the video, a closeup of the Grand Sport emblem shows it covered with dirt and water spots.

According to information we found on Afroautos, which calls itself “an auto site for Africa by Africans,” the event is “not an easy affair for the drivers and their navigators. The map involves rough terrain and roads that would otherwise be difficult to drive on even with modern vehicles. But the classic machines machines drivers use in this rally are designed to handle more than just a difficult route. The teams have installed parts that will tolerate the jumps, sharp turns, rocky roads, and the muddy sections.”

Thanks to the modifications already made, the Grand Sport appears to be having no problem making it through the challenging course.

The rally is not just an event “involving new machines with modern technology under the hood and flashy gadgets on the dashboard – no! It is a rally involving classic vehicles that turned heads in their days. They say old is gold and if the oldies are your love and passion, then the Kenya Airways will be more than just an event to you,” Afroautos says.

The African website notes that the rally is all about “tolerance, endurance and skill.” To make it through the course, the participants require a high level of concentration and driving skills, the site says, and “as for the spectators, they can sit, relax, and wait for the main event because this year it is more action packed and the number of participants is expected to be higher.”

Porsches and Fords are the dominant vehicles based on the entry list so far, according to Afroautos, but maybe the Corvette Grand Sport can live up to the current Chevy slogan to “find new roads” and come out on top.

Our sister site CorvetteVideos.TV featured this Grand Sport racer back in July. Click to watch the first and second shakedown videos.


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