[ACCIDENT] C3 Corvette Gets Hit Head On in 3-Car Crash in Jacksonville


[ACCIDENT] C3 Corvette Gets Hit Head On in 3-Car Crash in Jacksonville
Photo Credit: [email protected]

The driver of a white C3 Corvette escaped injury Saturday afternoon after being involved as the innocent bystander in a three-vehicle wreck also involving a police car and an SUV in Jacksonville, Fla.

The accident happened when a Jacksonville police car – with its lights and siren running en route to an emergency call – was struck by an SUV at a busy Westside intersection.

The officer was heading west on Commonwealth to respond to a nearby accident when he stopped at a red light at the intersection, then proceeded through.

That’s when the driver of the SUV, heading south on Edgewood, struck the police car in the passenger side. The impact caused the SUV to ricochet off and then hit what appears to be a 1980-82 Corvette head-on.

Fortunately, none of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening, with the officer being treated at the scene and the SUV driver being taken to a local hospital. Officials say the Corvette driver was not hurt.

The crash is still under investigation, with charges pending the outcome.


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