[VIDEO] Father of Corvette’s Chief Engineer Takes Delivery of a New 2014 Corvette Stingray


[PIC] Father of Corvette's Chief Engineer Takes Delivery of new 2014 Corvette Stingray

On Wednesday at the National Corvette Museum, Mat Juechter took delivery of a new 2014 Laguna Blue Corvette Stingray Coupe.

Why so special you ask?

Mat’s son is none other than Corvette’s Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter. We hear that Mat already has a vanity plate for the car: MYSNSCR.

The car is Mat’s second Corvette, the other being a C6 which is his daily driver. Tadge said once he saw the new Stingray, he had to have it!

Click here to see a larger version of this unique R8C delivery at the National Corvette Museum.

Here’s a video posted by the NCM that has Tadge and Mat talking about the car, and the clap-out the staff gives the duo as it’s driven out of the Museum.

It’s been a good week for Tadge. Automobile Magazine named his Corvette Stingray the 2014 Car of the Year and he himself was named 2014 Man of the Year. But to have your father be there and show his support by purchasing “his sons car” is pretty special indeed.

National Corvette Museum

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