Alabama Police Searching for a Stolen 1973 Corvette


Alabama Police Searching for Stolen 1973 Corvette

It looks as if the Grinch was running a little late this Christmas.

Police in Anniston, Ala., say a classic 1973 Chevrolet Corvette was stolen between Dec. 26 and 27, and they are hoping the public can help them find the silver sports car that bears the license plate VDT 494.

Anniston Police posted four photos of the car on their Facebook page, showing what appears to be a very nice Corvette with a chrome front bumper and a rubber rear bumper.

If you have information about the car’s location, you are asked to call the Anniston Police Department at 256-238-1800 or send a private message through the department’s Facebook page.

Alabama Police Searching for Stolen 1973 Corvette


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