[VIDEO] Corvette Racing 2014 – Why We Race


[VIDEO] Corvette Racing 2014 - Why We Race

Pratt and Miller, the award-winning team behind the Chevrolet Corvette’s factory-supported racing effort known simply as Corvette Racing, released an interesting new video last night that takes a deep dive into the philosophy of racing. In the opener, the narrator asks the age-old question of why go racing.

Why does Chevrolet race the Corvette: “Ultimately, it’s to build a better sports car.”

“Why do we race? It’s been said ‘Win on Sunday, sell on Monday’. Although we’ve had more than our share of victories, it’s so much more than that. Ultimately, it’s to build a better sports car. Furthering the relationship between man and machine. It’s about testing the limits, exploring technology, performance, reliability and challenging what a driver and car can achieve.

Throughout the video we see the familiar livery of the C7.R race cars on various tracks during the 2014 campaign and we hear from the principals of the team including Chevrolet’s Director of Racing Mark Kent and Corvette Racing’s Program Manager Doug Fehan.

For years, Fehan has talked about the philosophy of “Cascade Engineering” and he does so again in the video:

“You take a great street car, you build a great race car. From which you take the learnings and build your next level of street car, which builds your next level of great race car. So it’s no coincidence that C7 is the award-winning road vehicle that it is. And there will be no question as to why the C7.R will become the greatest Corvette race car in history.”

But racing the Corvette provides other benefits as well. Mark Kent says that not only is it a great way to test and grow engineers who benefit from the fast-paced world of racing, but it also allows the manufacturer to interact with current and prospective customers. “Corvette customers are extremely passionate”, says Kent while the video shows scenes of fans at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the infamous Turn 10 at Sebring.

“Why do we race? The reasons are numerous, but winning, is unrivaled.”

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