The Corvette Stingray May Be Too Loud for South Korea


The Corvette Stingray May Be Too Loud for South Korea

While we think the Corvette Stingray is a gift to the world, some countries appear to be holding off on selling the car due to reasons we think make the Corvette great in the first place.

Take South Korea for instance.

Chevrolet announced in 2012 that with the new free-trade agreement, the Corvette would be imported into the country. But now we are learning that the Korean government’s regulations on engine noise may be holding up imports of the new C7.

After a “Chevrolet Track Day” ride and drive with reporters last week at Yongin Speedway, GM Korea president Sergio Rocha talked about the C7 imports during a question and answer session:

“The launch of the seventh-generation Corvette is being delayed indefinitely due to Korea’s regulation on automobile noise. Although such regulatory stance may benefit the industry in the short run, I wonder if that’s something that should be in place for a long time.”

Hard to believe that the throaty V8 sound of the Corvette Stingray is a turn-off in some parts of the world but then again, American’s aren’t know for being bashful.

The chief of GM Korea also let it be known that only 12 Corvette are imported on average per year and therefore the cost of developing a car to meet safety and exhaust requirements for the market makes it hard when dealing those kinds of quantities.

GM Korea’s exports are still reeling from Chevrolet’s decision to pull out of the European market which saw exports of 150,000 cars to that region disappear overnight. The company has record-high sales levels in the domestic market though and is also considering the importation of the Chevrolet Impala.


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