[VIDEO] Track to Street – Corvette C7.R and Z06 Technology Transfer


[VIDEO] Track to Street - Corvette C7.R and Z06 Technology Transfer

One of the hallmarks of the new 2015 Corvette Z06 and the C7.R Corvette race car is that they were developed together utilizing the lessons learned from the C6 Corvette and the C6.R race car.

In a new video by Chevrolet, Corvette Racing driver Tommy Milner and Corvette’s Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter talk about the transfer of technology from the racing program to the production Corvette.

The video was filmed at Road Atlanta following this year’s TUDOR United Sports Car Championship race in early October.

Corvette Racing’s first year with the C7.R can definitely be considered a success with the team capturing four wins during the season.

Juechter says “This C7.R racecar was developed concurrently with the Corvette Z06. We have completely broken down the walls between the production car’s team and the race team and you can see that technology transfer in everything about the car.”

Milner says from the first test with the C7.R that they knew it was going to be a fast car. “It’s better over the bumps, it’s easier to drive, it’s easier to put power down.”

Juechter says “Everywhere you look you see technology transfer from the race program straight onto the street car. From aerodynamics to use of materials like carbon fiber. From the structure that’s lighter and stiffer and aluminum. Including the tire technology from Michelin.”

Juechter concludes the video saying “This collaboration with the race team has been a critical element of creating the Z06, by far the most capable track and street car that Chevrolet has ever produced.”

Check out this video and you’ll see the similarities of Corvette Racing’s C7.R race car to the production Corvette Z06:

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