1965 Corvette Barn Find Rescued from Collapsing Shed


1965 Corvette Barn Find Rescued from Collapsing Shed

We’ve all heard of cars being found in barns after years of neglect.

Take a look at this red 1965 Corvette Fuelie that nearly was crushed by the shed that was supposed to protect it from the elements.

When Stephen B. found it, it had been parked there for 30 years. After buying the car, Stephen then had the difficult task of getting it to safety outside the shed.

He and his helpers carefully moved as much of the debris away from the Corvette as possible, then had to nearly knock down the small shed in the process of bringing the Sting Ray outside.

1965 Corvette Rescued from Collapsing Shed

The 50-year-old car has apparently led a somewhat rough life, as the original fuel-injection engine is long gone. As Stephen begins a frame-off restoration, some people wonder whether he should leave the car’s powertrain as is, or try to find another fuel-injection motor to rest under the hood. What would you do?

We love the photo that shows the nose of the classic Corvette peeking out of the picturesque shed. If the shed and car could have been picked up and transported as-is, they would have made a great display at the National Corvette Museum!

1965 Corvette Rescued from Collapsing Shed

Check out all the photos from this amazing Corvette barn find at BarnFinds.com.


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