Man Arrested After Driving a Borrowed 1971 Corvette Into a Saltwater Marsh


Man Arrested After Driving a Borrowed 1971 Corvette Into a Saltwater Marsh
Photo Credit: Wells Police Department

Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed.

Just ask 56-year-old Philip G. Aleo of Malden, Massachusetts.

Aleo was driving a 1971 rally red Corvette Sunday afternoon on Bourne Avenue in Wells, Massachusetts when for unknown reasons he lost control of the car and wound up in a salt-water marsh.

Rescue workers found Aleo, dressed in shorts and a white T-shirt, with his knees on top of the car’s rear lid and his hands on the roof support, waiting to be saved.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the car wasn’t even Aleo’s. It belonged to a yet-unidentified friend (or should we say ex-friend?).

To add insult to injury, though, when police ran a routine check on Aleo’s license, they discovered he had an outstanding arrest warrant in Alfred Superior Court, where he had allegedly failed to appear in court and still owed fines.

After being rescued, Wells Police Lt. Jerry Congdon said Aleo was promptly arrested and then released on $711.60 bail.

No word on how badly the Corvette, valued at about $20,000, was damaged, but you can imagine the news won’t be very good after it was sitting halfway up the tires in saltwater.

“Not only did he ruin a friend’s car, he also got arrested. So it was not his best day,” Congdon said. “I imagine someone’s crying.”

Photo Credit: Wells Police Department

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