GM’s Reuss Confirms the C8 Corvette is Already in Development


GM's Reuss Confirms the C8 Corvette is Already in Development

During an event last week to promote the Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix, General Motors global product manager Mark Reuss addressed the crowd and talked about some of the issues facing the automaker in the wake of a series of recalls and an ongoing investigation into faulty ignition switches.

Being the Global Product Manager, Reuss also made a few comments about the future of the Corvette that will make any crossed-flags fan happy.

Reuss said that the automaker is already working on the next generation Corvette, the C8. Details are light of course as Chevrolet is still in the first year of C7 production, but that won’t stop speculation for the future of America’s favorite sports car.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Reuss would not rule out a hybrid or electric Corvette either, echoing comments he made last August to the LA Times.

High-end sports cars are already utilizing hybrid technology and energy recapturing systems like the KERS on Ferrari’s La Ferrari and the McLaren P1. Of course, the trick for Corvette’s engineers is to find a way to make such technology cost effective for Corvette’s price point.

But there’s plenty of time between now and the next Corvette to work out these questions. The C7 Stingray is still in its inaugural year of production with the flagship Corvette Z06 coming in 2015. If we estimate a five to six year production run for the C7, now we’re looking at a 2018-2019 time frame for introducing the C8.

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