DVR Alert: Corvette to be Featured Tonight on the Season Finale of Americarna


DVR Alert: Corvette to be Featured on the Season Finale of Americarna

Velocity’s Americarna wraps up season 1 this Tuesday, March 18th with an episode dedicated to America’s sports car, the Corvette. NASCAR team owner and avid Corvette collector Rick Hendrick will guest host this week’s show while country music superstar Brad Paisley also makes an appearance. This week we even get to see inside Hendrick’s massive car museum.

Americarna is hosted by 3-time NASCAR championship winning crew chief Ray Evernham. The show follows Evernham as he travels across the country seeking out some of the most iconic, unique, and influential cars built. Past episodes have focused on Smoky Yunick’s former race hauler to the origins of hot rods and drag racing.

The first season concludes this Tuesday March 18th at 8pm Eastern with an episode dedicated to Corvette. Rick Hendrick will fill in for Evernham with assistance from Brad Paisley. Together they’ll take a look back at Corvette’s 61 year history.

“We’re really lucky in America; we have this iconic sports car that’s so world renowned,” Paisley said.

We’ll also finally get a glimpse into Hendrick’s private car collection. That means we’ll finally get to see all of those pricey Corvettes he’s been snatching up at auction over the last few years. The episode will wrap up at the Bowling Green assembly plant where they’ll follow Hendrick as the he takes delivery of the first two 2014 Corvette Stingrays. We’ll also see him drive the first C7 convertible off the assembly line as well.

“The Corvette is the heartbeat of America. It’s amazing how many people Corvette has touched over the years,” said Hendrick. “I do have a passion for the car; it has driven me to be in the automobile business. I am so thankful to live the dream and to sell the dream. It doesn’t get any better than this.”

You can catch Americarna this Tuesday night, March 18th, at 8pm Eastern on Velocity. Set you DVR’s now for what’s sure to be another great episode.

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