[PIC] 2014 Corvette Stingray Wrapped in Matte Black


What a great shot of a Corvette Stingray wrapped in a black matte exterior! The matte black really highlights the individual straight edges on the hood and yet it also seems to accentuate the curves.

The C7 Corvette was spotted at a Cars and Coffee gathering in California over the weekend.

Click here to see a larger version of this matte black C7 Stingray.

We’ve been a fan of the matte black craze for some time now, but it seems that certain cars lend themselves to the look better than others. We think the C7 Corvette is in that category, but it’s so new that we think we’d love the new Stingray no matter how it was served up.

This particular Corvette was wrapped as part of ProjectC7 that will be modifying this Stingray. You can follow along with the project on facebook.

You can see more automotive photos by David Coyne Photography on facebook and flickr.

David Coyne Photography

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