CNN: Top 9 Reasons Why Corvettes Rev Us Up


CNN: Top 9 Reasons Why Corvettes Rev Us Up

Corvette enthusiasts all have their own stories to tell about their love for America’s Sports Car.

With the Corvette celebrating its 60th birthday on Sunday, June 30, CNN has come up with a list of the top nine reasons why the car still revs up people’s systems, reasons you will no doubt agree with 100 percent if you are a fellow enthusiast.

The Top 9 Reasons from CNN:

  1. It’s the accessible sports car.
  2. It’s a car for men and women.
  3. It melts the stress away.
  4. It’s an attention grabber.
  5. It represents the American Dream.
  6. It’s a perfect fit for two.
  7. “It’s a piece of American history.”
  8. It’s a social experience.
  9. It’s a car you can pass down for generations.

With Chevrolet worried that the Corvette’s ownership is getting grayer by the year, perhaps No. 9 is the best ray of hope for Corvette enthusiasts who would like to see Chevy make the car forever.

Folks like Dave DiVito, 40, are proof there is reason for optimism that there will always be another new generation of Corvette lovers coming along. He remembers being introduced to his first Corvette by his father, who took him to see a yellow one when he was just 5 years old. As he grew up, Dave and his Dad enjoyed the Corvette hobby by restoring, detailing, and participating in Corvette shows.

Now, he’s passing that love for the Corvette down to his two young daughters.

“They enjoy helping me wash the car (a 2004 Z06 Commemorative Edition),” he says. “They pick out Corvettes when we are driving, and they have numerous Hot Wheels Corvettes and a Barbie Corvette. The Chevrolet Corvette has been a part of the family for over 35 years. Keep on ’Vettin’!”

You can read more about just a few of the Corvette owners who summarize those top 9 reasons by clicking on this link to the CNN story. And the TV news network is even asking owners to send a photo of themselves with their cars to post on their special photo gallery of Corvettes.


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