[VIDEO] Corvette ZR1 is the Real Star of Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand


[VIDEO] Corvette ZR1 the Real Star of Schwarzenegger's The Last Stand

Arnold Schwarzenegger still knows how to make action movies after a 10-year absence while he took on other projects… like running the state of California.

As he promised, “Ah-nold” is back and badder than ever in The Last Stand, which opened last week, and for Chevy fans, it doesn’t get any better with two of the most awesome cars the Bowtie Brand has ever produced, in starring roles.

In the action flick, Schwarzenegger, playing an aging sheriff, is in hot pursuit in his Camaro ZL1 after the antagonist, a drug cartel leader, has escaped from federal prison and is fleeing for Mexico in a wild and crazy ZR1 that appears to be faster than a helicopter at one point. His only obstacle between him and freedom is the sheriff.

On screen, the 200-mph ZR1 appears to escape all the action unscathed, but producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura admits that was done with smoke and mirrors. They actually started with seven cars and, after filming concluded, wound up giving back Chevy two in fairly decent shape.

In between, all that action took a toll on the mighty cars.

“We didn’t destroy all the cars,” di Bonaventura says. “But they were banged up pretty well.”

Not that Chevrolet expected any different.

“I’ve worked with other car companies and they give you two cars and you have to treat them like babies,” di Bonaventura says. “And you cannot do that crazy stunt when the car takes out an SUV, like we did here. That stunt alone took out a car.”

With such an action movie, Chevrolet knew up front that they would need to provide plenty of cars to make it through the mayhem.

“They do understand the notion of making it look good onsceen,” says di Bonaventura. “But the end result is the cars look really great.”

The trailer looks like a lot of fun, and the chance to see two powerful Chevrolet powerhouses in action just adds iron to the fire.

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