[VIDEO] The C7 Corvette Interior Design Seminar at the 2013 NCM Bash


[VIDEO] The C7 Corvette Interior Design Seminar at the 2013 NCM Bash

One of the most remarkable transformations that Chevrolet has made with the new Corvette is the completely redesigned interior. Premium materials and lots of technology will surely quiet the detractors from previous models. Here is the interior design seminar held by Ryan Vaughan and Lucy Lahood at the 2013 National Corvette Museum’s Bash in Bowling Green, KY.

This seminar was so important that it was held twice during the Corvette Museum’s Bash. At the last minute, the seminar was moved from the Conference Center to the Chevrolet Theater so we missed the opening by just a minute or so.

What’s most interesting with this seminar is that you will see, from concept drawings to clay models to final execution with preimum materials, how the C7 Corvette’s interior came together.

Ryan shows the data from a Research Event in August 2010 on how well the Corvette’s interior rates again industry heavyweights including the Porsche 911, Audi R8 and the Nissan GT-R. In a blind test, consumers were shown the interiors without badges. The Stingray’s interior killed the competition with 46% of respondents finding the C7 “Very Appealing” compared to the others.

The other aspect that Ryan and Lucy covered was the technology in the interior. We see some different looks of how the reconfigurable high-definition screens came to be as well as some of the other functions like the hidden storage area behind the center stack monitor as well all the places to plug in and charge personal electronics via USB.

Finally, we take a spin around the interior’s color wheel with Ryan showing off all four interior colors and how they can be customized based on the package level and additional ordering options.

Following their presentation, Ryan and Lucy take questions from the audience.

Check out the C7 Corvette Interior Design Seminar from the 2013 NCM Bash:

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