[VIDEO] Craig Jackson’s Garage on Million Dollar Rooms


[VIDEO] Craig Jackson's Garage on Million Dollar Rooms

Craig Jackson of Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auctions recently had his garage featured on the TV show “Million Dollar Rooms”, which airs on HGTV. Craig’s museum-grade circular garage at his home in Paradise Valley, Arizona is fully stocked with some of the world’s coolest and most sought-after collector cars. But in this video, it’s the space they occupy that is really the star of the show.

Craig said the garage space alone took two years and a couple million dollars to construct and as he goes through some of the features of the garage, you’ll see that much thought was put into not only the facility, but how it presents the vehicles it holds.

After watching this video, we saw a couple more Million Dollar garages pop up as related videos on YouTube. Check out this subterranean Garage-Mahal in Utah.


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