[VIDEO] Camouflaged 2014 C7 Corvette Spotted on Gran Turismo 5


[VIDEO] Camouflaged 2014 C7 Corvette Spotted on Gran Turismo 5

As we get closer to #one13thirteen and the unveiling of the all-new Corvette, we are getting reports from readers who are saying they have seen the camouflaged C7 Corvette show up in the most unlikely of places – on Sony PlayStation’s Gran Turismo 5. Could this mean that players of the Sony franchise game will soon be driving the 2014 Corvette?

Forum poster jstickboy13 kicked things off on Saturday with this post on gtplanet.net:

So this morning I turned on the PS3 and started GT5, then started messing around on the computer for a few minutes. I didn’t enter GT Mode and the games started showing the random cars, photo locations and races. I glanced up and saw a camouflaged car and thought it was the GT-R Black Mask. I couldn’t believe it at first because it didn’t make any sense. It was a Corvette covered in camouflage panels! I immediately went into the dealership and looked for it but it’s not there, so I have only seen it in the intro movie. I did manage to get to my phone and snap a pic before the animation changed to a race. Did I miss news about this car being added?

Immediately after posting, several users fired up their PS3s and Gran Turismo 5 and they confirmed that a camouflaged C7 Corvette was indeed included in the demonstration portion of the game.

According to the postings we’ve put together on gtplanet.net, game maker Polyphony Digital recently provided an update to Gran Turismo 5 players and that the C7 wasn’t showing up until this update. Another surprise vehicle is an Aventador that now shows up in the GT photo stream.

Other keen observers have also noted that the GT5 in-game Chevrolet dealership lists 17 cars but only 16 are for sale. Is the C7 Corvette the 17th car and will it be made available for game play?

It seems to us that there would have to be some coordination between game maker Polyphony and Chevrolet’s marketing department for the car to make an appearance in the video game. It is wearing the trademarked “CORVETTE” name on the Michigan “Manufacturer” plates. The license plate detail shows it has Jan 2013 stickers, a nod to the 1.13.13 unveiling we’re sure.

Hmmm, Chevy marketing targeting game players. You know what happens if you release a car as hyped as the C7 Corvette on a bunch of gamers – they’ll contribute to the hype by producing a ton of free videos showing off their driving prowess in the C7 and uploading them to youtube.

As for the C7 Corvette becoming unlocked and playable in Gran Turismo, the good news is that Polyphony Digital has done this previous when it offered the “Black Mask” Nissan GT-R in GT5 Prologue, showing Godzilla in camouflage gear. After the car was officially revealed, the GT-R in GT5 was updated and had the camouflage covers removed and the car became playable.

We’ll probably have to wait until after the 1.13.13 unveiling of the next generation Corvette to know if a digital version will be coming soon to gamers consoles. Until then, GT5 players will just get to admire the new C7 Corvette in demo mode.

Here are some additional stills from Flickr user Priesty2012:

Camera Roll-38

Camera Roll-36

Camera Roll-39

Thanks to Michael for the tip!


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