LeMons Racer is the World’s Only Veggie Oil Powered Corvette


LeMons Racer is the World's Only Veggie Oil Powered Corvette

With news of the 450-hp C7 LT1 engine dominating the Internet this week, we managed to find another Corvette motor worthy of some ink, too.

And you don’t even have to wait until an official unveiling to see this unusual Corvette.

Reports on the Web are discussing what appears to be the world’s only Corvette powered by a diesel engine that runs on vegetable oil.

A fellow named “Spank” out in Escondido, California has actually put a 1980s Oldsmobile 350 diesel V8 that produces a whopping 77-hp into his C4 Corvette, which he says has the ability to run for five hours at unspecified speeds on one tankful.

And, if you’re impressed by all these facts and figures, this car can actually be the Corvette of your dreams for just $3,500!

Of course, there are some potential drawbacks. Spank didn’t install two fuel tanks – one for conventional diesel and another for the vegetable oil. Instead, he drains the vegetable oil from the tank, replaces it with diesel fuel to warm the engine up, and then drains it again and puts more vegetable oil in. He makes it sound as normal as just hopping in the seat of your car and turning the ignition switch, but we’re not sure we’d want to go to that much trouble for just 77-hp!

Spank calls his creation the “Cor-Vegge” and says it was built for the 24 Hours of LeMons endurance racing series for cars that cost $500 or less (not to be confused with the 24 Hours of LeMans).

24hoursoflemons.com via GreenCarReports.com

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