[VIDEO] C4 Corvette Crashes into a Florida Bicycle Shop


C4 Corvette Crashes into a Florida Bicycle Shop
Photo Credit: Tim Shortt/Florida Today

A Corvette driver apparently having a seizure crashed his 1991 sports car through a concrete wall at a bicycle shop in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida on Wednesday afternoon.

The driver, Robert Bader, 52, was the only person injured in the crash, which happened about 1:25 p.m. at Bob’s Bicycle Shop near the intersection of Eau Gallie Boulevard and Burns Boulevard.

Fortunately, the only other “injuries” were to the showroom of the business, which afterwards had broken glass, rubble, and sporting goods scattered throughout.

“As much as we’re on the showroom floor and as busy as we are with customers, nobody was standing right there,” store manager Steve Babd said. “It’s very, very fortunate.”

Babd said it sounded like a bomb went off when the Corvette crashed into a pickup parked outside the store before making a new “drive-through” window.

The owner of the truck told FloridaTODAY.com that he was standing at a counter talking to an employee about bike gloves when the crash occurred. “The next thing you know we heard a loud explosion,” Bill Hoffman said.

Babd reached inside the car and turned off the ignition, noticing that the driver appeared to be having a seizure. We can all take a lesson from the accident.

“As a pedestrian going into any type of business, you need to be aware of your surroundings in case a vehicle does lose control so you have a chance to avoid being struck,” Sgt. Kim Montes of Florida Highway Patrol said, “because this does happen quite often.”

Photo Credit: Tim Shortt/Florida Today

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