Two English Gents Show How to Cook With a Corvette V8 Engine


Two English Gents Show How to Cook with a Corvette V8 Engine

We’ve all heard of having fun with our Corvette, but a recent video from’s Joyride with Rory Reid features the host and his pal, English actor/comedian Robert Llewellyn, definitely taking that idea and spinning it off in a different direction.

The two gents used a Corvette C6 convertible for what some might term a “car-b-que” in the English countryside and captured the entire unique experience on video.

“This (Corvette) is as far away as you can get from English culture,” Reid says to Llewellyn. “It’s a big, brash American sports car. It doesn’t really belong on our roads; it’s too big, it’s too fast, it’s too loud. … I wanted to see if there’s something we can do to make use of it as English gents, and what I thought about was cooking with it!” (Later in the video, Reid admits that the Corvette is his favorite car, though he longs for a steering wheel on the right!)

Yes, folks, that’s right. They decided to use the big ol’ LS3 engine in their C6 Corvette convertible for something else besides the obvious.

The 6.2-liter V8 in the Grand Sport “should generate quite a bit of heat,” the two English gents pointed out as they proceeded to announce their menu, which includes a starter of asparagus wrapped in bacon, a main course of roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, gravy, and a vegetable mix of peas and carrots, and dessert consisting of apple pie and custard.

They placed each course in its own separate container and then secured the food to the engine with cable ties.

“We’ll literally turn the engine on and go for a drive and as if by magic we will have a three-course meal!” Reid says.

“Is that a special sauce?” Llewellyn jokes, pointing to a red cylinder.

“No, this is dangerous,” Reid points out, holding up a fire extinguisher. “This could save our lives.”

After using what they termed the “obscene power” of the Corvette to motor through the beautiful countryside, the two men arrive in a tranquil setting and take their food out of the containers. Is this the latest fad in cooking? Click here to find out if you too might want to use your Corvette to prepare supper on your commute home next week. Just think of the time savings.

Source: and Corvette Online

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