Corvette Plans Return to UK Dealers in 2011



Looks like the Chevy Corvette will be headed back to the UK starting in May 2011 according to several online sources. Chevrolet’s flagship sports car will be imported by Chevrolet UK and sold at select dealers alongside the Camaro.

Kroymans Corporation was handling the importation of Corvette, Cadillac and Hummer models but the automotive recession forced the Dutch company to close shop and file for bankruptcy in 2009. Chevrolet UK is seeking approval to import the Corvette’s complete lineup of sports cars: C6 coupe and convertible, Grand Sport, Z06 and the 638 hp supercharged ZR1.

Just a few years ago, sales of Corvettes in the entire European market stood around 1200 units. When Chevy returns to England, sales are expected to be much more exclusive with just a few dealers offering an estimated 100 Corvettes per year.

“These cars won’t be volume sellers, they’ll be brand builders,” Chevrolet UK MD Mark Terry told Autocar. “Camaro and Corvette are both icons and can act as a hook to other cars in our line-up.”

Prices will start around £50,00 and run all the way up to £110,000 for the ZR1. Chevrolet UK is in the process of developing a distribution, parts and retail network for both the Corvette and Camaro. The last time Camaro was offered to UK buyers was 1976. The first UK dealer to sell the cars will be Bauer Millet in Manchester.


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  1. Kroymans was No. 10 on the European Market with more then 4000 employees, but at the end with round abaout ONE BILLION DOLLAR Debts. I think, GM has lost a lot…
    We here in Europe hope, that the next GM-Distribution with Carmaro, Corvette and the Cadillacs would have better prices, better services and less arrogance…

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