St. Bernard’s Raffle Winner Drives to Indiana to Pick Up His New 1966 Corvette


St. Bernard's Raffle Winner Drives to Indiana to Pick Up 1966 Corvette

So when is undertaking a 1,360 mile road trip a good thing? How about if there was a classic Corvette waiting for you at the end of the journey?

Edward Ess of Batavia, NY arrived in Rockport, Indiana last week with a car hauler to pick up a 1966 Nassau Blue Corvette convertible valued at $80,000. His name was drawn on July 8th as the winner of the 24 Annual Classic Corvette Giveaway benefiting Saint Bernard Parish and School in Rockport, Indiana.

“I’m still in shock and I don’t know what to say”, said Ess. “This is a beautiful Corvette, a very nice restoration. I’m going to enjoy this for many years.”

Ess is a true Corvette enthusiast who has owned more than 40 Corvettes over his lifetime. But this is the first one he has ever won. He was presented with the keys to the blue Corvette by Father Chris Forler (Pastor of St. Bernard) in front of Saint Bernard Church in Rockport.

The 1966 Corvette convertible comes with a 427/425 hp engine along with a M21 four-speed, 3.70 positraction, F41 heavy duty brakes and knock off aluminum wheels. It was purchased through Proteam Corvette of Napoleon, OH in November 2011. It was fully restored in 2008 by Proteam and is in excellent condition.

All 10,000 tickets were sold for this year’s raffle. People from as far away as Australia, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, Canada and all across the United States purchased tickets. And that’s great news for the Parish as the raffle provides a major source of funding for school and church programs for the entire year.

Plans for next year’s raffle are already being made. Tickets for the 25th Annual Classic Corvette Giveaway will go on sale in January 2013.

Here is raffle winner Edward Ess picking up his new 1966 Corvette:

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