[VIDEO] Corvette ZR1 Raffle to Benefit Fallen Officer Goes Bad for Dealer


Corvette ZR1 Raffle to Benefit Fallen Taylor MI Police Officer Goes Bad for Dealer

Back in September we told you about the loss of Taylor Michigan police corporal Matthew Edwards who was gunned down in the line of duty, leaving a wife and two children. Taylor Chevrolet offered to step in with a Corvette ZR1 raffle to help raise funds for the family. Now the dealer claims the police charity that was brought in to assist with the raffle has taken them for ride.

Here is an in-depth report from WXYZ about the raffle and the dealer’s accusations against the police charity who they claim cut them out at the last minute.

It’s too bad that a situation like this arises when it seems it could have been easily avoided by the charity and the dealership simply knowing exactly what the rules were in advance and then following them to the conclusion of the raffle. If the rules don’t specify a cash option, then there should be no cash option. Unfortunately, Taylor Chevrolet and other like-minded businesses in the community will think twice about offering to help and that hurts everyone.

You can let Taylor Chevrolet know that you appreciate them being a good member of the community by visiting the dealership at 13801 S Telegraph Road in Taylor, MI or give them a call at (734) 250-6220.

Again, we are very sorry for the loss of Officer Edwards and we do appreciate Taylor Chevrolet’s attempt to help the family he left behind.


Corvette ZR1 Raffle to Benefit Family of Fallen Cop