Maximizing Performance: New Packages and Upgrades for the 2012 Chevrolet Corvette


Maximizing Performance: New Details and Upgrades for 2012 Corvettes

Next weekend’s C5/C6 Bash at the National Corvette Museum is the annual confab where GM and the Corvette Team introduce the changes on the new model-year Corvette. However, that presentation appears to have been somewhat preempted by the release of information from a Chevy dealer on the Corvette Forum which details the changes and upgrades coming on the 2012 Corvette.

Where 2011 was about personalization, you can say that 2012 is all about maximizing performance, especially at the higher end of the model lineup. ZR1 gets a new performance package while Z06 gets some more of ZR1’s tech. New wheels, R-Compound Michelin cup tires and a new 9-speaker stereo are just some of the option boxes that buyers will be checking off starting this summer.

There’s a lot to go through so we’re going to list the options and then we’ll come back around to analyze and discuss with you. As the t-shirt says, “Sit down, shut up and hang on” as we take you through the list of upgrades and changes for the 2012 Corvette.

Packages and Special Editions

(ZLC) Chevrolet Centennial Special Edition
Commemorates Chevrolet’s 100th anniversary. Available on 3LT, 4LT, 3LZ and 3ZR. Includes (58U) Carbon Flash Metallic exterior color, special Chevrolet Centennial Black wheels (specific to model) with special center cap logos, Satin Black graphics, Magnetic Selective Ride Control, Red brake calipers, special badging, Ebony seating surfaces with suede accents and Red stitching, Custom Leather wrapped instrument panel and doors (except 3LT), seat embossment, steering wheel badge and special interior trim plate.

(PDE) ZR1 High Performance Package
Includes (RUV) Black cup style lightweight 19″ front and 20″ rear wheels, (XFH) Michelin PS Cup tires and (MH3) 6-speed close-ratio manual transmission.

(Z07) Z06 Ultimate Performance Package
Upgraded from its initial 2011 release and renamed the “Ultimate Performance Package”, the Z07 package now includes Performance Traction Management (PTM) which was previously exclusive to the ZR1. In addition to Brembo carbon ceramic brakes, Z07 includes (XFH) Michelin PS Cup tires (optimized for warm, dry weather performance with reduced tread wear rating), (RUV) Black cup style lightweight aluminum wheels and (F55) Magnetic Selective Ride Control.

(F55) Magnetic Selective Ride Control for Z06
(F55) Magnetic Selective Ride Control is now available with Z06 and includes Performance Traction Management (PTM), (RUV) Black cup style lightweight aluminum wheels and (XFG) Michelin PS2 tires.

Exterior Colors

My question about (41U) Black not being on the list was answered as the top selling color for every year since 2004 has been deleted for 2012. The only way you can get a black Corvette in 2012 is to order the (ZLC) Chevrolet Centennial Special Edition which only comes in (58U) Carbon Flash Metallic. The other new color of course is (GLF) Carlisle Blue Metallic which replaces (85U) Jetstream Blue.

Wheels and Tires

Each of the Corvette models have their own special wheels for the (ZLC) Chevrolet Centennial Special Edition. Why the Grand Sport wheels don’t have the red line is a question we’ll be asking the Corvette Team in Bowling Green:

  • (RUL) 5-spoke, Chevrolet Centennial Black with Red stripe aluminum, 18″ front and 19″ rear wheels (Coupe and Convertible with [ZLC] Chevrolet Centennial Special Edition)
  • (RUM) Grand Sport Chevrolet Centennial Black aluminum, 18″ front and 19″ rear wheels (Grand Sport with [ZLC] Chevrolet Centennial Special Edition)
  • (RUR) Chevrolet Centennial Black with Red stripe, cup style aluminum, 19″ front and 20″ rear wheels (Z06 and ZR1 with [ZLC] Chevrolet Centennial Special Edition)

Corvette Z06 and ZR1 are also getting cup style aluminum wheels in Black or Machined-Face:

  • (RUV) Black cup style lightweight aluminum, 19″ front and 20″ rear wheels (included and only available on Z06 with [F55] Magnetic Selective Ride Control or [Z07] Z06 Ultimate Performance Package; also included and only available on ZR1 with [PDE] ZR1 High Performance Package)
  • (Q5V) Machined-face, cup style aluminum, 19″ front and 20″ rear wheels, available on Z06 (with F55 or Z07) and ZR1

(XFH) Michelin PS Cup Tires will also make their debut on Z06’s with the (Z07) Z06 Ultimate Performance Package or on ZR1’s with the (PDE) ZR1 High Performance Package. The Michelins are optimized for warm, dry weather performance with reduced tread wear rating.

Other Options for 2012:

  • New 2LT Technology Package featuring Bluetooth for select phones, Head-Up Display, Bose, navigation and USB port
  • (34T) Blue convertible top (interim introduction during 2011MY)
  • (B92) Carbon fiber hood available for Z06
  • Colored calipers available in (J6D) Dark Gray Metallic, (J6F) Red (standard on Z06), (J6C) Silver (standard on Grand Sport) and (J6E) Yellow
  • (PIN) Customer selectable VIN (restrictions and approval required, available for SOLD orders only)

Changes from 2011:

  • Front and rear tires are now represented with 1 RPO code
  • (MM6) is now the RPO code for the 6-speed manual transmission for Coupe, Convertible and Z06
  • (MZ6) is now the RPO code for the 6-speed manual transmission for Grand Sport
  • (ME2) is now the RPO code for the 6-speed manual transmission for ZR1
  • (MYC) is now the RPO code for the 6-speed automatic transmission
  • 3LT, 4LT and 2LZ now include (U3U) navigation audio system and USB port
  • New steering wheel design
  • Suede seat inserts included on 4LT, 3LZ, 3ZR
  • Bose audio upgrade to 9 speakers with new subwoofers
  • (J55) Brake calipers painted Black

Deletions from 2012:

  • Exterior colors
  • (41U) Black
  • (85U) Jetstream Blue Metallic Tintcoat
  • (US9) AM/FM stereo with 6-disc in-dash CD changer

So there you have it! The 2012 Corvette – America’s Favorite Sports Car – looks to be better than ever.

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  1. Seats:

    This is a hot topic among Corvette folks right now. Many at GM have spoken on this subject regarding seats at both Sebring and Long Beach – the questions always come up!

    However, they are working on it… but they have packaging issues. They are limited by interior space and ergonomic need. Rumors have abound with Recaro being made an option and that was denied.

    Currently, its along the lines of different materials with nice stitching. 🙂

    The GM team – Harlan, Tadge – commented, and I am paraphrasing – that something is being planned, but would be offered as an option of some sort. It’s a while off, and may not even make it to the C6. Tooling costs could prohibit such a thing for so late in the cars product cycle.

  2. With the elimination of Black and Cyber Gray (two biggest sellers) sales will plummet. I for one am out of the market. However, this announcement could be an excellent tool to get remaining new 2009s, 10s, and 11s off of the lots of the remaining Chevy dealers.

  3. the latest zr1 is the best looking vette so far. they gotta do something about the cheap interior plastics if they want people to treat this as a real supercar. but still one of my fav cars.

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