[POLL] Spring Time is Corvette Time – Or Is It?


[POLL] Spring Time is Corvette Time - Or Is It?

Article contributed by Steve Burns

As we stare out the window of CorvetteBlogger’s Motor City bureau into the cold, cloudy, gray, and wet outdoors we can’t help but wonder if the sun will ever shine again. After an extremely harsh winter, our thoughts naturally turn to visions of warm summer cruising in our Corvettes once we’ve rescued them from their wintertime naps. But when’s the appropriate time to wake them up?

In April, the weather around here is basically a crap shoot. For example: A couple Sunday’s ago the high temp was in the low 80’s with abundant sunshine. Yesterday the high was in the mid 30’s and we were graced by 2 inches of snow. We all know how well Corvettes perform in the white stuff! This on-again-off-again weather pattern usually repeats itself throughout the month of April, especially here in the upper Midwest.

So for those of you in the same boat as us, when do you get your cars out for the summer? Do you wait for a certain day on the calendar? Do you hit the road as soon as the roads are dry for the first time? Pull ‘em out of storage whenever you get around to it? We’d like to know when your Corvette polar bear’s get awaken from their winter hibernation. Based on the current forecast, ours won’t be out for a couple more weeks. Vote for your choice in our survey below.

When do you get your Corvette out for the summer?

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  1. I live in Southern Minnesota. This has been the worst winter we’ve had in the 10 years since I’ve been in this god-forsaken place. It has been miserable since November 13, 2010 and we’ve only had 2 semi-decent days since then. And yes, I had the Vette out on both days.

  2. Speaking of annual confabs, back in 1997 I was in Spain on business with clients and stayed at a beautiful 12th century Moorish castle just outside of Seville that had been converted to a swank hotel. That hotel was also serving as the back drop for what was obviously a gathering of automotive journalists to show case the Corvette of the day and provide these journalists a chance to road test the Corvette in the hills of Andalusian Spain. There was also a display of a cutaway Corvette. It was quite the spread that GM put on, back in the day. Anyone know anything about this event?

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