Jetstream Blue Metallic to be Phased out of 2011 Corvette Production


Jetstream Blue Metallic to be Phased out of 2011 Corvette Production

Corvette Conti says that 2011 will be the last year for Jetstream Blue Metallic (RPO 85U). GM will phase the color out early and has already issued a final order date for those that still wish to build a 2011 Corvette in Jetstream Blue. The last Dealer Order submission process to submit orders with Jetstream Blue will occur during the cycle that starts Thursday, March 3, 2011, and ends Tuesday, March 8, 2011.

Over the years, GM has used a variety of blues on Corvettes. There is also a pattern of offering a lighter blue for a couple years and then going to a darker blue and then back to a lighter blue. Early C5 Corvettes were offered in Nassau Blue (lighter blue) and then later, GM offered Corvettes in Navy Blue Metallic and Electron Blue. On the C6, Jetstream Blue replaced the darker LeMans Blue that was a favorite among Corvette buyers.

If this pattern holds true, we may see a darker hue of blue back on the color palatte for 2012. We dug through some different shades of dark blue colors used historically on Corvettes to get your opinion of what you think the new blue should be.

Here are some of our favorite dark blue Corvettes:

  • 1966 Laguna Blue
  • 1970 Bridgehampton Blue
  • 1995 Admiral Blue
  • 1999 Navy Blue Metallic
  • 2005 Le Mans Blue

All Corvettes are Blue: 1966 Lagnua Blue All Corvettes are Blue: 1970 Bridgehampton Blue All Corvettes are Blue: 1995 Admiral Blue
All Corvettes are Blue: 1999 Navy Blue Metallic All Corvettes are Blue: 2005 LeMans Blue Metallic  

The one constant in this hobby is that everybody has an opinion on colors. What shade of blue would you like to see in 2012?

Corvette Conti and

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  1. I hate that they always cycle blues so much. By the time the new blue grows on me and I really start digging it they replace it. I’d love to see Admiral Blue on a C6.

  2. I took delivery of my 2008 coupe three weeks ago and it’s Jetstream Blue. This color was not my first choice but when you find a local minty Corvette with 8,900 miles you can make a compromise. So far, I’m really loving it and have no regrets whatsoever! Almost every time I park the car I get a compliment on the color from a passerby.

    Supersonic Blue isn’t ringing my chimes as a successor, but maybe that will change when I see the color in person.

    Cheers, Bob

  3. Certainly you can get RED or the Silver (not even a color in my opinion) any year!!!! But take away the bright blues all the time, thats just great GM!!!!
    Thanks much LM

  4. Too bad for Jet-Stream Blue. That was the nicest blue on a Corvette since Nasau Blue way back in 1965. Glad I have mine and surely will keep it until a better blue comes along other than the SuperSonic or the Silver blue that they are planning for 2012. They are both dull in comparison.

  5. Jetstream Blue.IS the true blue of KY . I don’t get . You could lighting just a little that all

  6. I really hate that chevrolet is getting rid of the electron blue color. I always felt that particular blur really made a vette look good. I’m kind of hooked on the new penny gold color that the C-6’s came out with.
    When the new C-7’s come out, It’ll be one of those coppertone colorsder and pickup in Bowling Green. I pray that Chevrolet never discontinue our corvettes! They are so well built and very likely will be getting 30 mpg by the time the C-7’s roll out. Keep up the good work!! AG

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