Corvette Values: 1988 Corvette Coupe


Corvette Values: 1988 Corvette Coupe

WP in RI submitted this 1988 Corvette to Corvette Values:

1988 Corvette Coupe, VIN #1G1YY2184J5121XXX. 1-owner, 42K Miles. Matching numbers 350/245 hp V8, 4-speed manual transmission. Bright Red with Saddle interior. Options include Power seat, auto climate control, defogger, heavy duty cooling/radiator and auxiliary blue roof panel. Documentation includes owner history and original window sticker.

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Corvette Values: 1988 Corvette Coupe Corvette Values: 1988 Corvette Coupe Corvette Values: 1988 Corvette Coupe

1988 Corvette Coupe, VIN #1G1YY2184J5121XXX. The VIN number indicated this Corvette was built near the end of the 1988 Corvette Production for 1988. This late date is an indication that any mechanical and/or engineering changes in the Vette production made on a ‘rolling’ basis would have been included on this Corvette.

The odometer shows 42,979 miles that are reported to be accurate.

This Corvette is powered by the correct matching numbers 350-245 motor. The standard motor for most 1988 Corvettes was the 350-240 motor. Coupes for the 1988 production year with the optional 3:07:1 axle ratio were rated at 245. The additional 5 HP came from less restrictive exhaust mufflers.

The engine is mated with a 4-speed manual transmission. Only 19% of the buyers selected the 4-speed manual transmission which was the last year it was available. A new 6-speed manual transmission was offered the following model year, 1989.

The engine compartment is clean in appearance, an indication that this has been a well-cared for Corvette.

The 1988 Corvette is Bright Red in color, the top color selection for the 1988 model year. The paint is rated in good condition with no notable body damage. The interior is Saddle leather and in excellent condition. The contrasting Saddle interior adds to the curb appeal of this Corvette.

Options include the power seat, electronic air conditioning control, rear window and side mirror defog, heavy duty radiator and removable blue tint roof panel.

No exterior or interior modifications have been made to this Corvette, it is completely original.

The tires appear to be relatively new and are mounted on the correct wheels.

Documentation for this 1988 Corvette Coupe is excellent and consists of the original bill of sale, window sticker, all work invoices and, of course, owner history.

We place a value of $12,000 on this very nice original 1988 Corvette Coupe.

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  1. If I am not mistaken, it also has the ultra rare Enkei wheel option for 1988. They looked like sawblades, but had less teeth and they were more rounded.

    VERY nice looking car.

  2. Those wheels are the factory 16″ wheels. 17″ wheels were an option which more people opted for…

  3. I recently purchased a 1986 silver corvette in mint condition with 24000 miles on it. What do you think the value of this car is? thanx…

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