Corvette vs Walmart Crash Injures Two


Corvette vs Walmart Crash Injures Two

We got a two-fer to go with yesterday’s story of a C6 Corvette crashing into an Emmy-award winning puppeteer’s home. This accident features a black 2007 Corvette driven by 75-year-old Carl Sloan of Morgan Hill, CA. Sloan and 58 year old Teenie Denise were cruising the parking lot of a local Wal-Mart when the car suddenly accelerated and crashed into the front of the store. The cause of the accident may have been due to a medical condition. Both went to the hospital and will be okay. The Corvette? Not so much…

The Gilroy Dispatch

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  1. Classic case of not knowing where the gas pedal and the brake is or what gear the car is in. This man at 75 years of age should have a motor coordation test. Damm shame or waste of a good corvette………….

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