1980 Corvette Stolen and Crashed on Route 66


1980 Corvette Stolen and Crashed on Route 66

For many teen drivers, a Corvette is a dream car that they hope they will one day own. For Kachina Village, Arizona teen Mitchell Mohler Jr, it was a goal made possible by shoveling snow and doing other jobs which raised several thousand dollars. His Dad kicked in the rest and together they purchased a restored 1980 Corvette. That dream of Corvette ownership has since turned into a nightmare when the Corvette was stolen from a car show and crashed on Route 66.

The suspected thief, Michael A Burwell, was seen casing the Corvette at the Route 66 Days Car Show. When the Mohler family walked away from the car to look at the others at the show, Burwell took the keys from the car hauler, jumped into the red Corvette and took off down Route 66.

The police were alerted but due to heavy traffic, a full pursuit was deemed dangerous to the public. That didn’t stop Burwell from speeding away and he eventually lost control, hitting two pedestrians before crashing into a retaining wall where the Corvette burst into flames.

To make matters worse for the Mohler family, the Corvette had yet to be fully insured.

Burwell was booked on charges from stealing the Corvette as well as hitting the pedestrians.

Arizona Daily Sun

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