Corvette Ad Watch: 1969 Corvette Magazine Ad


Corvette Ad Watch: 1969 Corvette Magazine Ad

You don’t have to beware of substitutes. There aren’t any.

If you thought the “…no substitutes” slogan was a Porsche exclusive, take another look at this ad that appeared back in 1969. In fact, looking specifically at the ’69 model year, the “America’s Only Sportscar” theme was prevelent on several Corvette ads.

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Text from the ad:

As soon as you slip into the cockpit you know you’re in a one-of-a-kind machine. Nudge the accelerator – an avid new 300-hp standard V8 answers (up to 435-hp on tap for the ordering). Take a curve – wider new 15 x 8-in. wheels, coupled with 4-wheel independent suspension give you riveted-to-the-road stability. And you can have the full wind-in-the-face feel of a convertible whether you pick the one above or the Sting Ray Coupe (with its unique removable roof panels and rear window). If figures Corvette is the only genuine sports car built in America. One like this enough to discourage anybody else from even trying.

Chevrolet – Putting you first keeps us first

This ad is also interesting in the fact that the ad men described the coupe model as the “Sting Ray Coupe” when in fact, Chevy was badging the cars with “stingray” as one word. 1969 Corvettes saw the return of the stingray moniker following a repreive in 1968.


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