Corvette Assembly Plant to Forgo Annual Summer Shutdown


Corvette Assembly Plant to Forgo Annual Summer Shutdown

The Bowling Green Assembly Plant is one of nine plants that will remain open throughout the summer as GM works to meet customer demand. Like all GM assembly plants. BGAP normally schedules an annual summer shutdown during the first two weeks of July for maintenance or performing upgrades that is can only do when the assembly line is silent. But due to low inventories, GM will keep producing vehicles.

It’s interesting that the Bowling Green plant was included in the nine of 11 plants. We checked Jeff Hardy’s website for an up-to-date count of Corvettes on dealers lots nationwide and came up with 4,850 – 4,578 2010’s and 272 2009s. That’s more than a three month supply based on last month’s 1,400+ Corvette deliveries.

The fact that the BGAP remains open may be an indication that demand for the 2011 Corvette is high with orders already in the queue. Either way, I’m sure the workers at the plant who have seen co-workers laid off and production slowed last year will find this news a welcome turnaround.

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