STOLEN: 1996 Corvette Grand Sport #947 in North Miami Beach


STOLEN: 1996 Corvette Grand Sport #947 in North Miami Beach

We got word this evening that 1996 Corvette Grand Sport #947 was stolen out of the driveway of the owner’s house in North Miami Beach, Florida last Thursday, June 10th. Margie Love, the owner of the Corvette since new, had pulled into her driveway in her other car around 10pm and interrupted a burglary of her home. The robber(s) had found the keys to the Grand Sport and used it as a getaway car, causing a massive amount of damage in the process.

Following the burglary, Margie reached out to Hutch, administrator of the Grand Sport Registry and he in turn has been trying to get the word out. We hope that by retelling her story that her beloved Grand Sport will be found. Here is Margie’s harrowing account of the theft:

On June 10, 2010, at 10:00pm, I arrived home alone, to a robbery in progress. It was a terrifying and violent scene. Robbers broke into my home and stole everything of value.

As I backed into my driveway, I noticed a bright light. At that instant, the robbers rammed the GS into the car I had parked in front of it. That car took out my neighbors concrete wall and proceeded to travel full speed, and crash into the car I was driving. After that, it put a hole in a tree and came to rest. That car has no neutral or reverse. The body is also severely damaged.

Next, the GS with bright headlights on, came flying out of the driveway, aiming at the car I was driving. He swerved and took off speeding away. A witness also saw him traveling at a very high rate of speed.

Now I have flashbacks of the scene. I am afraid to go out and I am afraid to stay in the house. I fear that they will come back. No one has been caught!

The burden of proof is on me, to tell the story of the GS (to my insurance company) and provide evidence of it’s current value in very good condition with 56,000 actual miles. Since I am the original owner, I of course planned to keep it forever and it’s value would eventually increase. It was my only investment.

Since they took all of my valuables, and only the corvette had full coverage, the other cars are a loss. My jewelry was not insured! The two flat screen TV’s are covered for replacement value. I can not replace them because the robbers may come back. I am virtually a prisoner in my own home!

The GS was my life…I am devastated! I know you understand.

Only 1,000 of the Admiral Blue Grand Sports were made in 1996 (810 Coupes, 190 Convertibles) so its not like there’s one on every corner. If you are in the South Florida area and see an Admiral Blue C4 coupe with white stripes and red hash marks on the front fender, call the cops and have them check it out.

Here is a bit more information about the description of the Grand Sport Corvette:

1996 Grand Sport Corvette Coupe with black interior and F45 adjustable suspension. The correct VIN is 1G1YY2253T5600947. It bore a distinctive Florida “Salutes Veterans” tag with the number “GS96”. It had 56,000 miles on the clock.

Grand Sport Registry

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  1. Corvette people are the best people in the world.
    I love every one of you!
    God Bless You
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    Margie Love

  2. I have seen a car identical to this one on interstate 97 in Maryland, a few days ago. Heading towards Annapolis. I remember it vividly ’cause it’s a rare beautiful G.S. good luck!!

  3. I am reluctant to drive my ’96 GS in the Ocala, FL area; with a stolen one, I might expect to be stopped at gunpoint!

  4. Margie I am sorry to hear of this happening. I am a fellow C4 owner and I would be extremely sad if something were to happen to my Baby. I will be looking out for you! If I see a GS, I will call the cops. Let me tell you, whoever took it, BUNCH OF IDIOTS!! They pretty much stole a bright light in a dark room, try hiding that! I’ve posted this story on over the forum. I am planning to make it this Saturday. I wish nothing but the best for a fellow Corvette owner. Let’ s catch those idiots!

  5. I just got a 1981 and I Love it, i hope you they find your car soon..sometimes i afraid to leave it park when ever i drive it.
    Best to you

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