[VIDEO] 1960 #3 Le Mans Corvette Prepares for Historic Return to France


1960 #3 Le Mans Corvette Prepares for Historic Return to France

Chip Miller of Corvettes at Carlisle had a dream to return the #3 1960 Briggs Cunningham Corvette and its driver John Fitch back to Le Mans for the 50 anniversary of Corvette’s first class win and 8th place finish overall in the world’s most prestigest road race. Sadly, Chip passed away in 2003 and now his son Lance is working to fulfill his father’s dream. This is a neat video that will introduce you to the #3 Corvette and the people who have played a role in restoring it to it’s former racing configuration.


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  1. Great idea, for us European Corvette Enthusiasts, it will be a great honour and pleasure to see this Car back in Le Mans. Many thanks to Lance Miller and Carlisle Corvette.

  2. Can’t wait to see it! I hope the C6.R’s will sport a special white livery to commemorate this anniversary!

  3. We’re headed over to France in 1 week! We’re getting excited about working on the upcoming documentary for this trip. Thank you for your support CorvetteBlogger.com!

    Life is good,


  4. I was at the 1960 Lemans and watched the historic efforts of the Americans to keep the last running Corvette running that final hour by packing the engine compartment with ice to keep it running till the end. My father still has home video of the crew working to get Mr. Fitch home. Anyone interested in this film?

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